Are You A Busy Man or Woman Struggling To Get A Toned Tummy?

Now You Can Quickly Burn Off Your Ugly "Love Handles" Using This NEW
Multi-Directional LH5 Method
Revealing The Sexy, Tight Midsection You Want & Deserve

And You'll Do It In Only 5 Minutes Per Day!

From Coach Bodyweight Todd

Dear Friend,

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.30.13 AMGetting an attractive, sexy midsection is easier than you might think.  You see, a lot of folks think that losing those ugly love handles requires hours per week in the gym or super challenging "core workouts" that only fitness freaks can perform.

The truth is that it really just takes 5 minutes a day and you'll quickly see your love handles vanish without a trace of ever coming back.

And the best part is that when you use this NEW "Multi-Directional LH5 Method" of tightening your core (that I'll share with you in a bit), you'll see other areas of your body (including your butt, thighs, abs and arms) become more toned and lean.

Why is it so effective? Because it targets ALL 4 areas of the abdominal region where most other ab routines target only one.

Exercising just one area of your abdominal region is like driving your car with the emergency break on. You try your very best but you don't get any results. When you strategically target EACH area of the abdominal region in the right sequence, you decrease your workout time and drastically increase results.

Now, I know what you are saying.

"Bodyweight Todd... I've tried everything before. Nothing seems to work for me."

I totally understand and have some shocking news for you.

You've been lied to.

Its true.

Right now you might be believing a wide-spread lie that is holding you back from enjoying a tight midsection with almost no extra effort on your part. See the image below...

In the image above, the woman is doing a typical crunch exercise. This exercise is repeated by millions of people around the world with little or no results.

Have you ever done this before?

I have... and I bet you have too.

Not only is this exercise NEARLY worthless but it is often times very dangerous because it puts tremendous strain on your neck and spine.

Why will doing this exercise STOP you from getting a slim midsection?

Human Anatomy Reveals The TRUTH Behind Why The Multi-Directional LH5 Method Is So Effective

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.13.37 AMMost abdominal workouts target ONLY one area of your abs... the Rectus Abdominus. This is only ONE of the 4 major muscles in your abdominal region (and doesn't even include the most important muscles that help you slim your love handles).

See the anatomical diagram on the left. You see that the abdominal region is made up of 4 major muscles.

Area 1: Rectus Abdominus (Most ab exercises only work this muscle.)- This the "typical" muscle that is worked by most ab workouts. This muscle allows you to crunch forward. If you exercise JUST this muscle, you are leaving yourself open to dangerous injuries.

Area 2: Transverse Abdominus - This is the deepest muscle in the abdominal region and is known as the "stabilizer" ab muscle. In order to work this muscle you must do certain stability exercises. When this muscle is stronger, it will help your abs "pop" through revealing that slim, tight tummy most people want.

Area 3: External Abdominal Oblique - This is one of the MOST important muscles for reducing love handles and getting a tight midsection. Only certain side bending and twisting exercises will target this muscle and allow you to slim up the sides of your body giving you a tight slim waist.

Area 4: Internal Abdominal Oblique - This muscle is just below the External Abdominal Oblique and the muscle fibers actually runs the opposition direction (which is why you must exercise it differently).

Most people just tighten the Rectus Abdominus and totally miss ALL 3 other areas of their abdominal region. That's why you could do endless sit ups or crunches and NEVER see any results. The underlying muscles could still be loose and flabby. Once you target EACH muscle effectively, your waist will slim down, your abs will pop through and your love handles will vanish.

And that's the REAL secret of why it just takes 5 minutes. There are certain, key exercises that target ALL of the muscle groups so you burn more calories and slim down each muscle at the same time.

Love Handle 5

The unique Love Handle 5 Workout System above includes the most effective Abdominal and Love Handle workouts ever created. There are 4 very different follow-along workouts that target your midsection in different ways based on the 4 main areas of your abdominal region. When you perform each workout, you "unlock" a different portion of your midsection allowing your waist to get smaller and abdominal region to get tighter. (And don't worry. Anyone can do these workouts no matter what your fitness level. They are challenging for advanced fitness folks but still doable for even beginners).

Workout 1: Love Handle Shredder 

In this follow-along workout, you'll be targeting the main Rectus Abdominus muscle group to help give you a slim, tight belly. It also includes bonus "love handle" specific exercises to slim down your waist.

Workout 2: Love Handle Blaster 

The Love Handle Blaster workout targets a new area of your abdominal region: the internal and external obliques which help you get rid of your love handles. Most workouts NEVER include these types of exercises which is why you see so many people walking around with extra flab hanging around their waists. Although you will be one of the few that will kiss that love handle fat good-bye!

Workout 3: Love Handle Annihilator 

The Love Handle Annihilator workout specifically targets the lower portion of your Rectus Abdominus AND also tightens the Internal and External Obliques. These again are very different exercises compared to the other two workouts and targets a different portion of the obliques.

Workout 4: Love Handle Crusher 

The final 5 minute workout called the Love Handle Crusher... targets the Transverse Abdominus which is RARELY focused on in traditional workouts. You'll be doing unique "stabilizing" exercises to help tighten this abdominal muscle.

When you go through each workout in any given week, you work ALL 4 of the abdominal muscles instead of just the rectus abdominus like most workouts do.

In addition to the above workouts, you'll get instant access to all of the following...

  • An effective workout plan designed for "busy men and women" that anyone can follow (even if you are just starting out)
  • The number 1 thing contributing to your love handles getting BIGGER (must avoid this)
  • A simple food-timing trick that will help you burn fat throughout your entire body (without changing "what" you eat)
  • 10 easy-to-follow techniques that will supercharge your metabolism and have you burning off your love handles FAST
  • So much more...

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

If there is any reason that you don’t feel like Love Handle 5 is right for you… just contact our Help Desk and we’ll give you an immediate refund… no questions asked. You’ll get kind service and will be treated with the utmost respect.

Even though the workouts are super effective AND short… sometimes life gets in the way. I know I’ve been there before… bought a program online and never got around to using it. My guarantee to you is that even if you purchase the program and never even use it… you may ask for a refund… again, no questions asked.

This is my “Ultimate Guarantee” and shows how confident I am in the program. If you perform the exercises and make the small tweaks to your diet that I recommend and still DON’T see results I’ll not only give you your money back but also give you one of my other programs for FREE… just for trying it out. However, I am sure that the results you will see from the program will be amazing.

Get Instant Access To Fast Waist-Slimming Results When You Order Love Handle 5 Today For ONLY $14.95

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The Two Most COMMON Steps To Failure (MOST People Take These - Don't Be One Of Them)

I'm sorry to say but there are two HUGE problems that most people fall into when they ignore this advice and skip this amazing Love Handle 5 offer. They try to "Do it on their own".

Problem #1 (Are you doing this?) - Many people search Youtube or Google and try to put together a program on their own. However, what often happens is that they become overwhelmed and unsure of their path. This quickly leads to a lack of motivation and failure. You might have been there. Its sometimes fun to try a random workout that you find on someone's blog... the problem is that its rarely attached to an actual, proven program so you end up wasting your time and energy.

Problem #2: (Please avoid this...) - The program I laid out for you above is based on scientific research that has proven that you can increase your fat-burning metabolism using short workouts. Mainstream fitness and health clubs want you to believe that you must join and do long hours of cardio in order to see any results. This is so far from the truth. You are busy. You have other pursuits. Don't believe the hype. Getting rid of your love handles and revealing the tight mid-section you desire has EVERYTHING to do with revving up the metabolism... which can be done using very short workouts and eating certain foods.

Click here to get your copy of the Love Handle 5 System.

Looking forward to hearing about you transforming your body and getting a sexy, lean midsection - almost over-night!


- Coach Bodyweight Todd

Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, International Author

Author and Founder of the Bodyweight Physique Academy

P.S. - The workout and nutrition techniques found in this program have taken over 10 years to collect. They have required a Master's degree and years of trial-and-error. Trying random workouts you find on Youtube may very likely give you ZERO results (or even worse - leave you injured). Remember that there is a full 60 day guarantee. There is NO risk. Try the program today and start seeing your body change before your very eyes.

Get Instant Access To Fast Waist-Slimming Results When You Order Love Handle 5 Today For ONLY $14.95

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